Monday 9/7/09

Congrats to the Army Football team! First opening win in 12 years. First opening win on the road ever! First opening win by a new coach in a bunch of years too. I believe our efforts on Friday helped out. Look for a similar type of event this Friday and let's keep pushing the Brave Old Army Team!

For time.

Run 5k

Post time to comments.

Compare to 7/29/09.


SB said...

How about the Army team!!!
Great win last night! Looking forward to Sat.
Beat the Blue Devils!

SB said...

check out the following for highlights of Army's win Sat night:

SB said...

Did workout down at Shea
6 rnds:
400m run
25x burpees

time: 25:59

Jimmy said...

Shaun, I did that same WOD yesterday and it killed me (33 minutes).
5K: 27 and change. Could not get going today. Condition: took about a mile to get moving.
Used GPS to track distance around WP.
avg hr: 150. still feel like I am recovering from yesterday's wod. Legs (150 burpees and 2400 m) felt worn out today. Still feel like recovery from being sick too. Not whining, just describing current condition for future.