5 Round for Time

40 x Ab-Mat Sit-ups*
30 x Push-Ups
30 x Slam Ball Shoulder Toss** (50/35)
20 x Pull-Ups
1 x Arvin Gym Lap***

*Ab-Mat Sit-up:  Mat rests on floor, with you laying back so hands are touching the floor behind you head.  Sit up and reach forward with both arms until your hans touch the floor infant of your feet.  Feet should be touching each other in a position similar to a butterfly stretch.  On the way back down make sure to sit all the way back and touch your hands to the floor behind your head again.

**Slam Ball Shoulder Toss:  Starting from the ground the slam ball is picked up and toss over either shoulder.  At the time the ball is tossed you must be standing upright and fully extended.  The ball then falls to the ground and the process is repeated.

***The Arvin Gym Lap:  Run out the Buckner Functional Fitness room and towards the Stairway to Heaven.  Run up the stairs to the 4th Floor.  Run from the top of the stairs, past the climbing wall and taking a right towards the racquet ball / boxing area.  Go down the South staircase all the way to the basement.  Run back towards the Stairway to Heaven and back into the Buckner Room.

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