In Honor of the Army's 241st Birthday on June 14th the Army contacted CrossFit about programing an birthday WOD.

Army Birhtday WOD.

60min ARMAP...yes, that is 1 hour.

Set up a start station, marked somehow, and set up another station 200m away.

1 Round =
17 x Power Cleans (135/95)
75 x Air Squats.
Then disassemble the bar into 2 x weights and 1 bar (plus collars).
Run the bar 200m to the 2nd spot, set it down, and then return for the plates.
Run 1 x plate to the bar, set down, run back for 2nd plate.
Run the 2nd plate to the bar and assemble the weights on the bar again.

*Each round complete Power Cleans & Air Squats, then take the bar & weight apart and back & forth 200m.  The movement must take 3 trip (1 x bar, 2 x weights), even if you can carry all at once...the purpose is to make you run the 200m distance 5 times (down, back/down, back/down), while carrying an implement.

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