Wednesday, 6 MARCH 2013

Announcements:  We will meet up in the '62 room do a brief warm-up and demo and then step off.  It will be dark, so please watch out for black ice, cars, skunks, etc.

Equipment required:  Today's WOD requires no equipment other than a reflective belt and some motivation!

Warm-up and instruction:  Everyone will knock out a few of each exercise to show they know the standards.  Then we will move out NLT 0540 for the WOD!


For time
20 x hand release push-ups
12 x pull-ups
Run 1 mile (Arvin, Diagonal Walk, down Thayer Road to Buffalo Soldier Field to the pull-up bars by the post office)

20 x hand release push-ups
12 x pull-ups
Run 1 mile (return to the '62 room following the same route)

20 x hand release push-ups
12 x pull-ups

Compare to: 30 AUG 2012

Post time to comments.


Adam said...

good to see several brave souls this morning!

22:21 rx'd

About 1:20 slower than last time. I just couldn't get my legs moving this morning...still sore from Monday!

jck said...


Legs are jello.

Matt said...


I was :52 slower, but I guess that isn't bad for not really running the last few months and being sore from the last two days. Regardless, what a great WOD.


jonathan silk said...

I have no clue what my time was, I need to find my watch actually...but it was a good workout! my legs are still sore.

jswobe said...


The 1-mile course you are running up there HAS to be longer than a mile. There is no way I am smoking a bunch of spry, young cadets on a WOD like this. And I have verified my 1-mile course three times!

Always a good WOD...I was smoked!