Monday, 4 MARCH 2013

Announcements:  This morning we will meet in Thayer Hall, 4th Floor.  Please spread the word - THAYER HALL at 0530!!

Equipment required:  Motivation and friends!

Warm-up and instruction:  pretty simple WOD - put one foot in front of the other, repeat as quickly as possible!


Team Running Relays! - Form a team of 3!

AMRAP 25 of the following sequence:

Person A does a 100 meter shuttle run (50 down, 50 back - half way down the hall and back)
B and C rest.  When A returns, B goes, A and C rest. After B returns, A and B rest, C goes.

Follow this same methodology for the following distances:

Round 1a: 100 meter shuttle run
Round 1b: 200 meter shuttle run
Round 1c: 1 lap (approx. 237 meters)

Once everyone completes the lap, that is ONE round complete.  You then start over at 100 meters for Round 2.

NOTE:  If you only have a team of 2 (or going solo), then provide yourself the appropriate amount of rest.

Post names of team members, number of rounds and partial rounds complete to comments.


R.K. Barker said...

That was painful. I was on a team comprised of Caleb, Erin, and of course myself. We got 4 full rounds and I ran the full hallway and back, I was the second in order of run.

Adam said...

Adrienne, Jacquie, and I got after it and I nearly hacked up a lung! Great effort this morning by everyone!!

We completed 4 rounds in 25:30. I was running last and brought up the rear after the buzzer!!

good times!!

Caleb McDaniel said...

What R.K. said. That was a really tough workout!

Mickey said...
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Mickey said...

Worked up to:
6x225 on squats


3x175 on bench

L-pullups afterwards