Friday, 8 MARCH 2013

Announcements - today is a modified schedule, which means NO MORNING CREW!!  Also, it is probably going to be a Code Red, so gym probably won't open until later in the morning.

Have a fun and safe Spring Break!  Bonus points if you take a CrossFit-themed picture and send it in for the blog!!  


Today you will work on your snatch technique.

Work up to your one rep max for both a power snatch (no need for hips to go below parallel) and squat snatch (full ROM = hips below parallel at the bottom).

Then, do 5-5-5 reps of overheat squat for load.

NOTE: There is no time component to this WOD.  Focus on form and proper technique.

Post loads for snatches and overhead squats to comments.


jswobe said...

What?!? No crossfit today? A little snow and someone calls code red and Arvin shuts down?? Say it ain't so!

jswobe said...

Power snatch: 155

Snatch: 135

OHS: 135-145-155

Technique improves...slowly...