Tuesday, 5 MARCH 2013

Announcements - we will meet in the '62 Room, warm-up, and then get after it.  Please grab a medicine ball when you arrive...they tend to disappear quickly!

Equipment required - 1 x medicine ball per person

Warm-up and instruction - Matt will take the group through medicine ball clean progressions and then we will brief and demo the exercises.  Everyone will get a chance to practice med ball clean progressions and each of the WOD exercises.


AMRAP 12 (NOTE: I changed it from 15 to 12, so we have enough time for cash-out)

25 x wall ball shots (20/14 @ 10' target)
50 x weighted sit-ups

Cash-out - 

For time:
Advanced: 20 x handstand push-ups (10 facing wall, 10 facing away)
Intermediate: 12 x handstand push-ups (your choice of facing wall or way)
Beginner: 7 x handstand push-ups  (your choice of facing wall or way)

NOTE:  Scale = pike push-ups

Post number of rounds complete and time for cash-out to comments.


Mickey said...

terrible past two weeks. the dean is trying to kill me i think.

Adam said...

wow, I was sore this morning from yesterday's beat down!

Great showing by the morning crew with a lot of new faces!

I did 3 rounds + 13 weighted S/Us as rx'd.

Cashout: 5:45 - 10 facing away and then 10 facing. Next time I will mix it up and see if I can do faster.

R.K. Barker said...

Had to use a 53lb kettlebell, or 1.5 pood ("What's a pood anyway?!") and a 25lb plate for the situps. 3 rounds plus 16 kb swings. I did the 12 for time, just over 3 minutes. That was fun.

Caleb McDaniel said...

I had to use a Kettlebell as well(1.5pd) and the 25lbs plate for situps. I got 3 rounds and 13 more kb wings. Did 12 handstand pushups in 90sec. and the rest of the 8 took me 3:42. I did all the pushups kipping though.

jck said...

4 rounds + 7 wall balls.

Attempted to do away facing hand stands. Shoulder flexibility is an issue.

Matt said...


I was still sore too from yesterday.

As Rx'd: 4 rounds with 3sec remaining

Cashout: 20 HSPU. 10 facing the wall unbroken. 10 kipping. 3:18

Adam said...

RK - Pood description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pood

Crazy Russians!

jswobe said...

3 rds + 15 weighted sit-ups

I totally forgot the cash-out. I will take care of it on Friday...