Thursday, 7 MARCH 2013

Announcements - today we will meet in the 3rd Floor Weight Room.  Please arrive as early as possible so we can claim some space!  If there is a CODE RED because of the weather, then do SOMETHING in your room or make it up later in the day.  Check here for weather status.

Also, don't forget to warm-up prior to the WOD and do some cool down/stretching afterwards!!

Equipment required - barbell, lifting platform, and motivated partner!

Warm-up and instruction - upon arrival begin your individual warm-up.  Ensure your hamstrings and shoulders are ready to rock!   Matt and I will walk around to each group to ensure everyone is tracking on the movements.  Everyone gets to practice a few reps prior to the start of the WOD.


5 rounds for time:

Person A:
10 x sumo deadlift high-pull (95/65)  check out a great video on sumo deadlift high-pull
15 x push press (95/65)

Person B: Rest until A is done and then switch roles.

Once both partner's complete each movement, that is one round.

Cash-out (individual effort): 
Bike max distance in 10 minutes. 

Post partner's name, time for the WOD, and distance covered on the cash-out to comments.


R.K. Barker said...

That was tougher than it looked, but a lot of fun! I didn't have time for the cashout unfortunately. I teamed up with Nate, 20:07.76, Rx'd.

Caleb McDaniel said...

I did the workout by myself and had to rest accordingly. As Rx'd: 21:26. It was a good workout! Tougher than it looks.

Matt said...


Adam and I partnered up. This is one of those "it didn't look so bad on paper" WODs. Good work by everyone this morning. I didn't have time to do the cashout.

As Rx'd: 14:32

Adam said...

great to see everyone fighting hard this morning on a tough one! I definitely underestimated it!!

Matt reported well - although he did not say that partnering with him is truly a blessing and a curse - blessing - fast times; curse - shorter rest!! He crushed it and I simply tried to keep pace, but had to break up the push-presses on rounds 3-5!

Cash-out: 4.53 miles - not a fan of stationary bikes!!

Happy and safe Spring Break to all!

ErinM said...

Buy-in: About a 3.5 mile run in the wind and snow. Brrr!

WOD: 19:47 by myself (resting about the time it took to do the work)at 55lb

And APFT this morning -
64 pu/86 su/13:44 time
Not quite what I was hoping for, but it fell in the middle of a tough week.

jswobe said...


I did this by myself, resting 1:1 after each round.

I did not include the rest after the fifth round (mimicking my "partner's" work period).