FRIDAY (30 SEP 2016)

-Hayes Gym
-62' Room

-Hand Stand Push-ups
-Hand Stand Walks


Every Minute on the Min (EMOM)....for as long as you can.

3 x Wall Ball                         Level 1 (15 / 10) 8'   Level 2 (20/14) 10'
5 x AbMat Sit up

1 Min Rest

6 x Wall Ball
5 x SU

1 Min Rest

9 x Wall Ball
5 x SU

***In each round the wall ball number increases by 3.  You have 1 min to complete the work and the rest of the time to rest.  Additionally, there is 1 min rest before starting the next round.  Stop when you are unable to complete the work in 1 min.

1 comment:

Joe Woods said...

Finished round of 24. Missed round of 27 by one SU.