MONDAY (26 SEP 16)

-3rd Floor Weight Room
-Hayes Gym

5 Rounds (Every 2 Minutes)

1 x Snatch (Floor) / 1 x Snatch (Above Knees) / 1 x Snatch (Mid Thigh).

*Keep same weight for all three and increase for subsequent rounds if able.


In Teams of 2.

20 Min AMRAP

1 x Partner runs from 3rd floor weight room, down to Hayes Track, runs 3 laps and then back into weight room.

1 x Partner completes as many rounds as possible of:
10 x Bench (185 / 115)*
15 x Burpees over Bench
10 x Pistols**

*Scale Weight as needed.
**Scale pistols to 30 x Air Squats if unable to do pistols.

The total score of a team is equal to the complete rounds + reps they finish.  When the running partner comes back they continue where their partner left off.

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