Wednesday, 5 February

Location: Due to impending weather, meet at 0530 inside the 4th floor entrance of Thayer. Please use the third floor entrance, then walk upstairs.



7 Turkish get-ups (each side)
Run to the first floor
7 Hand stand kick ups
Run to the fourth floor

NOTE: Please bring your backpack as the weight for your Turkish get-up.

Turkish get-up tutorial:

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R.K. Barker said...

They say one is a lonely number. I modified the WOD because I could just imagine getting yelled at for kicking up onto the wall on the first floor and not having an officer with me. So I did AMRAP 15 with 7 TGU per each arm, run down the hall, 7 burpees, and then run back. 5 rounds plus 3 burpees. Got some weird looks from janitors and one officer who was opening up classrooms.