Tuesday, 4 DECEMBER 2012

Announcements:  Today we will meet in the 62 Room.

Equipment needed:  Bring your jump rope and get after it!!

Warm-up and instruction:  Matt will lead the group through handstand push-ups and progressions and Adam will discuss double-unders and give everyone a chance to practice.


Buy-in:  3 minute strict pull-up test (no kipping, rest as needed, max reps!!)

Rest a few minutes and then:

3 x handstand push-ups
7 x strict pull-ups
21 x double-unders
Rest 30 seconds

Post number of pull-ups complete and number of rounds complete to comments.


Mickey said...

another sleepless night.. i'll make this one up after combatives. looks like a fun one.

Matt said...


A good yet small crew today. The strict pull-ups were a nice touch. I have a feeling a lung burner is coming along.

As Rx'd: 6 rounds with about 6 seconds remaining

Adam said...

You've gotta love the strict pull-ups!

Buy-in: 28 strict pull-ups

WOD: 4 rounds + 11 DUs as rx'd. It was the first time that I did all HSPU with heels to the wall - constantly varied and a good twist!

Darrin G. said...

Strict pull-ups don't love me:)

Buy-in: 25 strict pullu-ups

WOD: 5 Rounds (substituted kipping pull-ups)

Mickey said...

Felt like i was barely moving after combatives today. lots of sparring is exhausting.

AMRAP3: 32 pullups
AMRAP9: 6 rounds with 5-10 seconds left over. Had to kip after round 3 or so. My arms were done.

Caleb McDaniel said...

First time to post
Buy-in: 25
AMRAP: 4 rounds Rx'd

ErinM said...

Late and injured posting! Ankle a little messed up, so no jump roping at the moment.

Ended up doing a swim workout:
10X100 at as fast an interval as I could maintain. Rest no more than 10 seconds between each.

Followed by some Turkish Get-ups and Scotty Bobs (dumbbell push-ups with rows) a few hours later.

jswobe said...

26 pull-ups

5 rounds (w/ an extra bit of time between HSPU & pull-ups due to WOD location...)