Thursday, 13 DECEMBER 2012

Announcements:  Today we will meet in the 62 Room and then move to Hayes Gym for the WOD.

Equipment needed:  Wrist watch and motivation!

Warm-up and instruction:  We will give everyone a chance to practice the shelf and other obstacles as needed.



Low crawl
Run through tires
Hop over pommel horse
Climb shelf and up to the track
Run 5 laps
Rest 1 minute and walk back to the start point

NOTE:  We will stagger start as needed, so make sure you have your own watch to keep track of your own time.
NOTE2:  Scale as needed - if you can't do the shelf after several attempts, then use the cargo net to maintain intensity!

Post number of rounds complete to comments.


Nate said...

I won't be able to come to crossfit tomorrow - a couple last major graded events on the plate are due tomorrow. I'll definitely have to make this one up - looks like a great WOD.

Should be there Friday.

Mickey said...

cadet plague still. hopefully i can shake this by tomorrow.

Caleb McDaniel said...

4 rounds and ten feet short of the frist lap on the 5th round.

R.K. Barker said...

I don't know what happened! My alarm was on, it was set for the right date, and the right time, I do not remember it going off! I went by Arvin this morning after breakfast, but couldn't make up the WOD with Mil Move classes, so I went to the 3rd floor weight room.

Back Squat at 115 pounds, focusing on deep squats, tight core, and upright chest. 5 sets of 5, rest inbetween for 15 hand-release pushups (total of 60). It was fast, but good.

Adam said...

4 rounds + 1.5 laps on the 5th round. On Round 2 I accidently ran 6 laps, so I guess in total I did 4 + 2.5 laps.

Fun times, gotta love the shelf!!

jswobe said...

No IOCT / Hayes Gym near me. Sad face.


10 x vault over wall
Run 4 flights of stairs, carrying 45-lb plate
Run back down stairs
10 x burpees
Run back up stairs
Run down carrying the 45-lb plate
10 x ring dips
100ft dumbbell waiters walk, 30-lbs

4 rounds complete