Monday, 3 DECEMBER 2012

Announcements:  Today we will meet in the 3rd floor weight room, please show up as early as possible to claim some space!!  You will work with a partner, so pair up with someone of near equal size and ability.

Equipment needed:  Towel and motivation!

Warm-up and instruction:  Matt will lead the group through the back squat and Adam will discuss the bench press.  Everyone will have a chance to practice each as they warm-up.



Back squat and bench press

NOTE:  There is no time component for this WOD, focus on proper form and don't rush to failure! Take your time to warm-up and be sure to use a spotter while doing the bench press.  
NOTE2:  You and your partner can start with either the bench press or back squat and you can either alternate between bench and squats or you can do all 4 x 5 of squats and then do 4 x 5 of bench.  

Post loads for bench and squats to comments.


R.K. Barker said...

Unfortunately I won't be there tomorrow, I have the first of my final graded bouts in boxing A hour.

Nate said...

Won't be able to make it tomorrow due to 6am grades meeting. Should be there Tuesday.

ErinM said...

Warmed up this morning with a little WOD involving rowing:

5 rounds for time:
10 kbs (16kg)
200 m row
10 burpee deadlifts (2x16kg)
200 m row

22 min.

Followed by back squats/bench:
Back squat: 38kg-43-48-50.5 (up to 111 lb)
Bench: 25kg-30-35(split into set of 3-1-1)-35 (same split)

Mickey said...

Got my weights from Wendler's 5/3/1 program for the most part:


Strict Press:

Got to figure out a better place to put the bar. The low bar squats make me lean forward too much

Adam said...

Back squats are always humbling for me...which means I definitely need to do them more often!!

BS: 155-175-195-205, then did 2 x 215
BP: 185-205-215-225(3)

good times!

Darrin G. said...

Got her done during lunch.

BS: 250x5
BP: 165x5

See ya'll tomorrow. Insha'allah.

JC said...

BS: 185-205-225-255
BP: 135-155-185-185

Didn't push the limits on bench today without a spotter. Otherwise felt pretty good. Did some Olympic technique work to finish out.

jswobe said...

Bench: 175-185-195-205(4)

Squat: 185-205-225-245

(did an extra set each at the end: bench @ 205, squat @ 265...only three reps each...)