Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Meet in powerlifting room at 0530

1rep max power clean


15 min AMRAP
500m row
20kbs (53/35)


Adrienne said...

Power clean 1RM: 120#

Shortened the AMRAP to 10 min: 2 full rounds plus 2 swings

R.K. Barker said...

PC 1 RM: 185

Also did 10 minutes. 3 full rounds.

Alex Vinson said...

Bad day for power cleans, 115# for the 1RM, 5# lower than a couple weeks ago. Have to get that back up.

10 min AMRAP: 2 rounds and 11 KB swings.

Jon Lindefjeld said...

Improved my power clean technique...still working on shoulder mobility!

10 min AMRAP: 2 rounds and 13 KB swings

ErinM said...

Nice guys! Happy first week of classes and glad to see you are starting strong.