Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Meet down at the river courts at 0530...

1 mile timed run (max effort)


20 pull-ups
15 dips
Run the staircase
30 sit-ups at top
Back down stairs and repeat


R.K. Barker said...

That was tough. Had to scale the time on the second part due to formation and class schedule.

1 Mile: 5:56.78

Only did one round of the WOD, took me about 7 minutes - those bars suck to kip on.

Y'all need to post your results here!

Alex Vinson said...


6:51 for the timed mile

I just cut the whole AMRAP in half. I got one round and 10 banded pullups.

Stairs have been a struggle after this...

Adrienne said...

Mile time: 8:01

Did 1.5 rounds in about 11 minutes.

I think I'd rather do the stairway to heaven...

Adam said...

Keep up the good work ya'll!!! I miss B&G - enjoy it while it lasts!