Friday, 5 December 2014

Meet at 0530 in the powerlifting room...

CF Football Total
Power Clean 1 Rep
Squat 1 Rep
Bench 1 Rep
Deadlift 1 Rep
*Perform a single maximum effort for the lifts listed above.
*After warm-ups, 3 attempts are allowed.
*Total must be done in the specified order.
Post total of all four lifts to comments.


Adrienne said...

WELL I GUESS I'LL GO FIRST. Even though I know like 3 of you have done yours
Clean 115#
Squat 155#
Bench 125#
Deadlift 225#

Thomas Newton said...

Power Clean: 205 (should have hit 225 but still a 20lb PR)
Back Squat: 360 (30lb PR)
Bench: 245 (20lb PR)
Dead Lift: 365 (-20lb, probably just really tired)

R.K. Barker said...

Clean: 205, 20 pound PR.
Squat: 295, 70 pound PR, but 65 behind Tom.
Bench: 215, 30 pound PR, but still 30 below Tom
Deadlift: 335, 30 pound PR, but, you know the rest...

Chris Monroe said...

Clean: 235lb
Squat: 335lb
Bench: 225lb horrible
Deadlift: 370lb